The Umbra

Crafter’s Den

The smell of blood and gun-smoke emanates from this room.

  • Shaman’s Voodoo Bench
  • Gunsmith’s Workbench

Aft Quarters

This room serves as a dining hall and also has the captain’s quarters within it.


This landing leads to the main deck, and has a stairway to the cargo hold. It serves as an armory for the crew when they come up from below deck.

  • Crew’s personal weapons
  • 10 Cutlasses
  • 100 Lead Shot
  • 100 Scatter Shot
  • 10 Powder Horns
  • 200 Black Powder

Cargo Hold


  • Crew’s personal effects
  • 10 Hammocks for the crew

Main Deck

  • 2 Cannons
  • 10 shots each

The Umbra

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