Orb of Kal'abach

Dougal's Song

This was heard belted out almost nightly on the crew's trip to Sil'Neas, and still on occasion to this day.

On the Fourth of July 1800 or so, we set sail from the sweet cove of Haze
We were sailing away with a cargo of gold for the grand Pirate Port in Sil’Neas
‘Will be a wonderful craft, she’ll be rigged for and aft and oh, how the wild wind drove her
She’ll stand several blasts, she’ll have twenty-seven masts and we’ll call her the Drunken Rover

We’ll have one million bags of the best Sligo rags, we’ll have two million barrels of stone
We’ll have three million sides of old blind horses hides, we’ll have four million barrels of bones
We’ll have five million hogs, and six million dogs, seven million barrels of porter
We’ll have eight million bails of old nanny-goats’ tails in the hold of the Drunken Rover

There was Vech the shaman who will see all along when the spirits foretell our passage
He will cackle’ and rave, to have us make way, though the omens were shody at best
With his mystical spell, he’ll bring us through hell, as we roll the waves under and over
They’ll all tremble with fear, when he wanders right near, and he’ll sail on the Drunken Rover

There was Patrick and Rhil from the backwater still, there was Neeshka from County Tristine
There was Vanessa McGurk who was scared stiff of work, and a gal from The East called Si’leen
There was Dougal the fool who was drunk as a rule and Fighting Jim Lockhart from Dovre
And Morgan D’Lune who’ll make the men swoon was the captain on the Drunken Rover


Brando306 dascarletm

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