Orb of Kal'abach

Captains Journal #3

The Sunken Ship

It has been some time since my last entry- nearly a month. We made the necessary repairs to our ship, the Umbra, and set out on our maiden voyage. We took on a couple passengers and some cargo to make a little money on the way. The night before we set sail, we had a celebratory dinner. We all had quite a jolly time. So jolly, in fact, that I’ve decided to instate a weekly crew dinner to keep morale high. Everybody got drunk, which isn’t really new for Dougal, and I suspect Vech has a thing for Neeshka.

Not much happened during our first week at sea. We were headed west to drop off some cargo when Vech informed me of a pit stop we might be wanting to make. This pit stop could not have been surrounded by worse conditions. First, Dougal spots some giant black blobs, which we assume are oil spills, but are actually… well… I still don’t quite know. Vech gave some vague answer about how they were guarding the amethyst shard that we were there to collect. Next, comes the dust storm. Winds start to pick up and waves start to crash onto the boat, and there I am about to jump overboard with my two best men. Why I didn’t leave Dougal on board to man the ship, I don’t quite know. After a quick swig of a breathing potion, we dove into the depths.

Upon reaching the sunken ship deep into the ocean, we began our search. Many a corpse lay inside being devoured by crabs and various sea creatures. We find three large chests, none of which contain the object we were seeking. At this point, Vech shoots me a knowing glance and points up and to the right and then, slowly, his finger drifts toward the hull of this abandoned ship and in comes a moray eel. Unfortunately, my attempt to blind it only calls its attention and we are caught in combat with yet another limbless creature. How I yearn to cross swords with something of intelligence. As we slay the beast and cut it open, we find a partially digested man, probably the captain, who has our desired treasure.

We float to the surface and have to wait two whole hours for our ship to return to us. Vech and Dougal are not preferred company whilst bobbing around in the sea like a buoy. Dougal speaks of only cards and drink, and Vech yammers on about the sea spirits and sacrifices. When the crew finally finds us, my ship is covered in silt. After some dangerous maneuvering, we make it out of the storm and away from the black blobs. As I enter on the hull to check for damage, I find that we’ve taken on about 5’ of water and all of our cargo is spoilt. Also, those idiot passengers of ours decided it was easier to wait below and slowly drown instead of walking up the stairs. Hopefully we get paid either way, because I’m just about ready to let Vech sacrifice one of them next time we hit troubled water. Basically, after all that, Vech fixed everything with magic and the next couple days seem to be smooth sailing.


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