Orb of Kal'abach

Captain's Journal #2

back to the water

It’s not the most fun to be awakened by a giant, eyeless, poison-blooded worm, but it definitely gets the adrenaline pumping for a long day of travel. We fought for our lives and hopped aboard a raft toward basically nowhere. There are but few lessons I’ve learned in these last couple weeks:

Lesson 5: Dougal is not the persuasive type. We docked our raft in a small fishing town at the end of the river, and met a boy who offered us shelter for the night. We later found that his family owned the largest ship in the entire town. Dougal promised me he could get passage aboard said ship to our final destination, but when I found him later all he’d done was manage to con the boy out of his family heirlooms. In the end we had to pay our own way.

Lesson 6: Vech controls the weather? That or there was no wind storm to begin with. I’m unsure as of right now.

Seven long days we sat and watched another crew doing the jobs we itched to do, weapons tucked away in some box rendering us all utterly useless. The good news is that we finally have a ship! It could use a bit of elbow grease and some paint, but it’ll do just fine.

I’m thinking of naming it “The spectral Umbra”, I’ll take it to the crew in the morn. Is black on black overkill?


Brando306 pajerda

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