Orb of Kal'abach

Captain's Journal #1

My first day

Gaston, that rat bastard, up and sold our home to the West India Trading company and left us to fend for ourselves… so I guess I’m Captain now. I’ve decided to start this journal to reflect on my journey to becoming a great Leader. At this point in my command I’ve sunk our previous ship, allowed Vech to deal with our estranged Captain, and set out on a journey across the desert to find a new ship. This is what I’ve learned so far:

Lesson 1: Vech means business. Angered by the sudden uprooting of myself and the crew from our long time home, I asked Vech for a favor. I wanted him to weaken the ship so it would sink out on the water, next thing I know he’s covered in blood having just knocked a hole into the side of the ship. I think the man means well, but I’m not sure he’s all there upstairs- or perhaps there’s too much going on upstairs. All in all the situation could have been a lot less messy.

Lesson 2: Trust only the crew. Stephen? Where in the world would I have ever met, let alone liked, a man who wears a monocle? This “Stephen” is now enemy #1.

Lesson 3: Delegate. The do it yourself attitude of a first mate does not translate well to the job of a Captain. I spent two hours haggling over mules while I could have just as easily sent Jameson and Rill and spent the time out shopping. I returned to the warehouse to the realization that that is all I had taken care of as well. Luckily Dougal had the foresight to grab rations and ammunition. I suppose I’ll cut him a little slack when we reach the next town.

Lesson 4: Life is better at sea. Never in my time living on a ship have I ever seen men so beaten down by the elements. Granted, I did push a 30 mile walk into the span of 24 hours. At least one good thing came of it, Dougal finally had a bath.

We’ve just stopped at the riverbed to take a rest. Hopefully day 2 of my command will go more smoothly.


Brando306 pajerda

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