Orb of Kal'abach

Captains Journal #3
The Sunken Ship

It has been some time since my last entry- nearly a month. We made the necessary repairs to our ship, the Umbra, and set out on our maiden voyage. We took on a couple passengers and some cargo to make a little money on the way. The night before we set sail, we had a celebratory dinner. We all had quite a jolly time. So jolly, in fact, that I’ve decided to instate a weekly crew dinner to keep morale high. Everybody got drunk, which isn’t really new for Dougal, and I suspect Vech has a thing for Neeshka.

Not much happened during our first week at sea. We were headed west to drop off some cargo when Vech informed me of a pit stop we might be wanting to make. This pit stop could not have been surrounded by worse conditions. First, Dougal spots some giant black blobs, which we assume are oil spills, but are actually… well… I still don’t quite know. Vech gave some vague answer about how they were guarding the amethyst shard that we were there to collect. Next, comes the dust storm. Winds start to pick up and waves start to crash onto the boat, and there I am about to jump overboard with my two best men. Why I didn’t leave Dougal on board to man the ship, I don’t quite know. After a quick swig of a breathing potion, we dove into the depths.

Upon reaching the sunken ship deep into the ocean, we began our search. Many a corpse lay inside being devoured by crabs and various sea creatures. We find three large chests, none of which contain the object we were seeking. At this point, Vech shoots me a knowing glance and points up and to the right and then, slowly, his finger drifts toward the hull of this abandoned ship and in comes a moray eel. Unfortunately, my attempt to blind it only calls its attention and we are caught in combat with yet another limbless creature. How I yearn to cross swords with something of intelligence. As we slay the beast and cut it open, we find a partially digested man, probably the captain, who has our desired treasure.

We float to the surface and have to wait two whole hours for our ship to return to us. Vech and Dougal are not preferred company whilst bobbing around in the sea like a buoy. Dougal speaks of only cards and drink, and Vech yammers on about the sea spirits and sacrifices. When the crew finally finds us, my ship is covered in silt. After some dangerous maneuvering, we make it out of the storm and away from the black blobs. As I enter on the hull to check for damage, I find that we’ve taken on about 5’ of water and all of our cargo is spoilt. Also, those idiot passengers of ours decided it was easier to wait below and slowly drown instead of walking up the stairs. Hopefully we get paid either way, because I’m just about ready to let Vech sacrifice one of them next time we hit troubled water. Basically, after all that, Vech fixed everything with magic and the next couple days seem to be smooth sailing.

Captain's Journal #2
back to the water

It’s not the most fun to be awakened by a giant, eyeless, poison-blooded worm, but it definitely gets the adrenaline pumping for a long day of travel. We fought for our lives and hopped aboard a raft toward basically nowhere. There are but few lessons I’ve learned in these last couple weeks:

Lesson 5: Dougal is not the persuasive type. We docked our raft in a small fishing town at the end of the river, and met a boy who offered us shelter for the night. We later found that his family owned the largest ship in the entire town. Dougal promised me he could get passage aboard said ship to our final destination, but when I found him later all he’d done was manage to con the boy out of his family heirlooms. In the end we had to pay our own way.

Lesson 6: Vech controls the weather? That or there was no wind storm to begin with. I’m unsure as of right now.

Seven long days we sat and watched another crew doing the jobs we itched to do, weapons tucked away in some box rendering us all utterly useless. The good news is that we finally have a ship! It could use a bit of elbow grease and some paint, but it’ll do just fine.

I’m thinking of naming it “The spectral Umbra”, I’ll take it to the crew in the morn. Is black on black overkill?

Dougal's Song
This was heard belted out almost nightly on the crew's trip to Sil'Neas, and still on occasion to this day.

On the Fourth of July 1800 or so, we set sail from the sweet cove of Haze
We were sailing away with a cargo of gold for the grand Pirate Port in Sil’Neas
‘Will be a wonderful craft, she’ll be rigged for and aft and oh, how the wild wind drove her
She’ll stand several blasts, she’ll have twenty-seven masts and we’ll call her the Drunken Rover

We’ll have one million bags of the best Sligo rags, we’ll have two million barrels of stone
We’ll have three million sides of old blind horses hides, we’ll have four million barrels of bones
We’ll have five million hogs, and six million dogs, seven million barrels of porter
We’ll have eight million bails of old nanny-goats’ tails in the hold of the Drunken Rover

There was Vech the shaman who will see all along when the spirits foretell our passage
He will cackle’ and rave, to have us make way, though the omens were shody at best
With his mystical spell, he’ll bring us through hell, as we roll the waves under and over
They’ll all tremble with fear, when he wanders right near, and he’ll sail on the Drunken Rover

There was Patrick and Rhil from the backwater still, there was Neeshka from County Tristine
There was Vanessa McGurk who was scared stiff of work, and a gal from The East called Si’leen
There was Dougal the fool who was drunk as a rule and Fighting Jim Lockhart from Dovre
And Morgan D’Lune who’ll make the men swoon was the captain on the Drunken Rover

Captain's Journal #1
My first day

Gaston, that rat bastard, up and sold our home to the West India Trading company and left us to fend for ourselves… so I guess I’m Captain now. I’ve decided to start this journal to reflect on my journey to becoming a great Leader. At this point in my command I’ve sunk our previous ship, allowed Vech to deal with our estranged Captain, and set out on a journey across the desert to find a new ship. This is what I’ve learned so far:

Lesson 1: Vech means business. Angered by the sudden uprooting of myself and the crew from our long time home, I asked Vech for a favor. I wanted him to weaken the ship so it would sink out on the water, next thing I know he’s covered in blood having just knocked a hole into the side of the ship. I think the man means well, but I’m not sure he’s all there upstairs- or perhaps there’s too much going on upstairs. All in all the situation could have been a lot less messy.

Lesson 2: Trust only the crew. Stephen? Where in the world would I have ever met, let alone liked, a man who wears a monocle? This “Stephen” is now enemy #1.

Lesson 3: Delegate. The do it yourself attitude of a first mate does not translate well to the job of a Captain. I spent two hours haggling over mules while I could have just as easily sent Jameson and Rill and spent the time out shopping. I returned to the warehouse to the realization that that is all I had taken care of as well. Luckily Dougal had the foresight to grab rations and ammunition. I suppose I’ll cut him a little slack when we reach the next town.

Lesson 4: Life is better at sea. Never in my time living on a ship have I ever seen men so beaten down by the elements. Granted, I did push a 30 mile walk into the span of 24 hours. At least one good thing came of it, Dougal finally had a bath.

We’ve just stopped at the riverbed to take a rest. Hopefully day 2 of my command will go more smoothly.


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